As Scotland’s largest local authority, Glasgow City Council has a significant requirement for a modern, efficient social transport fleet to transport children with additional support needs, adults with learning disabilities and people attending residential or day care services across the city.

This free transport service meets varied travel needs but traditionally, it has used a manual scheduling and routing system which offers limited flexibility. The council’s social transport fleet had to be updated to become a more dynamic and efficient demand for responsive social transport service.

Increasing Use

Significant opportunities existed to increase use across the fleet, leading to greater efficiency.

The old manual scheduling system lacked the flexibility and responsiveness to meet changing demands and client priorities.

Demand responsive technology has improved journey planning and scheduling, driver and management information and optimisation of routes.

From manual to digital

The Software

New software has been implemented to complement the introduction of the drivers’ smart phone devices - transforming the way Glasgow’s social transport fleet is managed and used.

The drivers access the software via an app - giving them greater connectivity and allowing real time data to be sent and received for the first time in the vehicle cab.

Transport App

Anticipated Results

The hardware and software upgrades to Glasgow’s social transport fleet have been made with the anticipation of a series of improvements to the way this service operates:

  • Improved service to clients
  • Increased fleet utilisation
  • Improved management info
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • A flexible demand responsive transport function