The beating heart of the city

Glasgow Operations Centre is a state-of-the-art integrated traffic and public safety management system, created with the aid of the Innovate UK funding. The new centre brings together Public Space CCTV, security for the city council’s museums and art galleries, Traffic Management and Police Intelligence.

The facility has the capability to provide a co-ordinated, real-time, intelligence-led, response to incidents large and small across the city, placing Glasgow at the leading edge of smart city management.

Video analytics is a pivotal tool used as an additional intelligence source. This emerging technology provides Operations Centre operators with alerts as situations and events unfold. Resulting in improved, more informed, decision-making, earlier intervention and reaction to events.

Promoting a safer and sustainable environment, intelligence from the Operations Centre will be managed and mapped to monitor and measure a range of indicators showing its impact and value on behalf of Glasgow’s residents, businesses, visitors and stakeholders.

What is the Operations Centre?
Operations Services Video
Bringing It All Together
Operations Data Video
CCTV Monitoring

Central city-wide CCTV monitoring with upgrade to full HD cameras.

Traffic Management

Upgraded systems for traffic monitoring and signal control across the city.

Police Scotland

Intelligent working with key partners with ease of access to CCTV footage.

Security Services

Secure sharing of data for the effective and intelligent management of security related incidents.

Community Enforcement

Intelligence led, strategic and tactical patrols resulting in a cleaner, safer and more sustainable Glasgow.

Emergency Services

Collaborative, partnership working resulting in joint decision-making and proactive, informed responses to incidents.