Streetlights are a vital part of every city, providing citizens and business with safety and security. But what if we could use our street lighting network in a more intelligent way rather than the simple on-off system that currently exists.

Through our Future Cities demonstrator, Glasgow is leading the way with the trial of intelligent street lighting, looking at ways to add more control and efficiency to our lighting network while harnessing the power of real time data to improve both lighting and safety throughout the city.

Why Intelligent Lighting?

The introduction of intelligent lighting offers several key benefits to a city including environmental, financial, safety and security:

Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency Energy efficient LED lighting reduces carbon footprint and long term operation costs.
OpsOperations Centre Integration Real time data feeds directly in to the state-of- the-art operations centre allowing for the manual brightening of lighting when required.
NoiseNoise Detection Street disturbances can be monitored using noise detection, with real time CCTV and community safety response.
MovementMovement Detection Movement sensors allow us to monitor footfall and traffic flow - generating important data to aid in city planning.
AirAir Pollution Detection Air pollution monitoring can be integrated into the street lighting network - giving the city up-to-date and accurate data to help with planning and pollution reduction.
WifiWiFi Service An intelligent street lighting network allows for the provision of a limited WiFi service for use by vital city services and citizens.

The Demonstrators

The Demonstrator will be tested in three locations on a "proof of concept" basis, looking to show how the city can use its streetlights to improve lighting quality, quality of life, public safety, energy and maintenance efficiency.

01. Riverside Walkway

A Dynamic Lighting System controlled by sensors, reacting to citizens, producing the safe use of our cycle paths and open spaces, promoting Active Travel for the city.

02. Gordon Street

A Modern Lighting Network, controlled and managed via the internet. Sensors that provide “Real Time” data on sound , air quality and footfall to improve our understanding of how the City works. Dynamic lighting linked to the City Operations Centre providing a safer environment for the City Centre.

03. Merchant City

Smart Lighting providing a bespoke lighting service for both residential and commercial areas. Promoting the city’s night time economy by linking lights to the City Operations Centre providing a safer environment for Glasgow’s premier entertainment hub.