Designing A Future City

As part of our process to look at what a future city means for citizens, we set out a programme of citizen consultation and engagement, looking at what needs citizens might have within the areas of road repair and waste management.

The overall focus of the study aligns with our customer care strategy, striving to make it easier for customers to contact the council if there is an issue, reduce direct contact with the council by providing alternate community services and support and looking to ensure that the customer experience is a positive one.

Future City Principles

We wanted to look at service design within the city, and the possible improvements that could be made to crucial services and the experience for the end user. We also wanted to look at the relationships that exist between the council and citizens in the context of the delivery of these services. As part of this, we identified several key future city principles:

Open & Transparent
Engage Community
Be Visual
Simple & Automatic
Better Value
Visible in the City

Putting People First

As part of our research we wanted to engage with the people of Glasgow - so we did just that, getting out on the streets and asking people what they thought of the key services and anything that they would like to see improved.

Image of a person with headphones

Bringing Glasgow Citizens to Life

We developed personas based on the people that we met throughout the research - with the personas then being used to design and develop service improvement ideas.

This method of development is an important element to how the services have developed, being fully based on citizen needs and behaviours in the city.


The Vision

Following the research phase, we commissioned a report with service design proposals coving potential improvements and developments to waste management and roads.

The design proposals were broken down in to four core concepts. Each proposal considered the components required to make the total service a reality, how the service could develop and how it would work for citizens over time.

01. Smart Road Conditions And Reporting
02. Bin Sensors And Smart Data To Track Waste
03. My Glasgow Community Uplift Service
04. Smart Bin Information And Reporting